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The Kenyan government on Saturday declared the recurrence of polio after its elimination 29 years ago as a public health emergency.

"The Cabinet noted the re-emergence of Polio in Kenya following its elimination in 1984. Cabinet declared the outbreak a public health emergency and directed the Ministry of Health to fast-track the ongoing immunization exercise and ensure the entire country is covered Joakim Noah Knicks Jersey ," a statement from the presidency said.

The East African nation has been polio free in recent years but due to low immunization coverage, the region remains vulnerable to the importations of the wild polio virus.

There have been no cases reported in outbreak epicenter for the past six weeks as aid organizations are actively searching for cases of suspected polio in all health facilities countrywide.

Both WHO and UNICEF said rapid interventions by regional governments in collaboration with the two UN agencies across the region have been stepped up to contain the outbreak.

The cabinet directed the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government to provide security and ensure cooperation by citizens.

The UN health agency has declared polio a programmatic emergency meaning that Kenya must join in the fight to ensure that all the children at risk are immunized.

The ministry of health said that counties which are close to South Sudan Frank Ntilikina Knicks Jersey , Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia have the highest risk because the cases reported in the country are mostly imported from there Emmanuel Mudiay Knicks Jersey , adding that the solution to end polio is to ensure good sanitation is available to all Kenyans.

Factors That Promote Arkansas Lodging January 19, 2014 | Author: Cornelia White | Posted in Marketing

Getting stuck in a new area is a common thing and getting a place to rest can also be a challenge. The rise of lodging came as a result of these circumstances among other things like entertainment or for work purposes. The sector gives the residents a chance to enjoy these services at an affordable price and very convenient to anyone that visits the Arkansas lodging..

Depending on the choice of the client Courtney Lee Knicks Jersey , the service lenders try to perform all the necessary procedures that make them comfortable during their stay. The rooms have all the equipments that are used in the running of a normal household for example, there is a kitchenette that the occupant uses while cooking Charles Oakley Knicks Jersey , bed or beds, washrooms and even a resting area. This makes sure that the customer will not have to move from one room to the next to access the services.

Employees of these firms have enough years of experience that enable them to serve the clients to the maximum. They have trained from higher learning institutions which give them the opportunity to work in the lodgings with ease. This is a way of creating employment opportunity to residents of Arkansas.

People travel a lot and therefore need to have a place to leave during their stay. Arkansas lodgings come in handy as long as accommodation is concerned because their diversity allows them to serve the customers fully. A place where one comes to relax after a long day at work or during a holiday out therefore has to be well equipped to help the client to satisfaction.

Nature of service will also determine if the customers will come back again or not. Giving them the proper service will ensure that they will come to that place again and even they will tell their friends about it. They get a way of attracting the customers by advertising on media hence creating awareness.

Security is always beefed up around those facilities to ensure that the customer is well secured. The alarm is set at the entrance and in case of danger one has to press it and help comes right away. The personnel which is in charge of security has all the capacity to conduct the job in a professional way hence reducing the risk of theft or crime.

Giving your customer discounts during the festive seasons or at certain holidays also attracts more clients which are boost to the profits received. The premises have those programs which give the loyal customers and therefore keep them coming always. They differ depending on the time and the type of service.

Arkansas lodging offers the accommodation facilities to those who come into this place and even the residents here. This has made the hotels and other firms that give the service to remain in the business and increase the level of output. Income has led to the growth and development of the state and the industry at large.

Read more about Factors That Promote Arkansas Lodging visiting our website.

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